Current Health & Safety Courses Available

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AODA – Accessibility for Ontario with Disabilities Act

In compliance with the Ontario Regulation 429/07 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act – Customer Service Standard, this course provides the required and necessary information for all customer service employees in Ontario. Disabilities don’t discriminate; unfortunately sometimes people do (often unintentionally). Take this course and help stop the stigmas.

$ 45.95

Accident Investigation

Focusing on the legal responsibilities of the employer, this course is designed to provide the basics of accident investigation protocols and procedures for employers and Health and Safety Committee members.

$ 45.95

Due Diligence & Bill C-45

Keeping workers safe and imposing harsh legal penalties including significant personal and corporate fines and even potential jail time are a priority for the Ministry of Labour of Labour. If you are an employer or hold a supervisory role, this course is for you!

$ 69.95

Duties & Responsibilities for Ontario

This course will explore the duties and responsibilities of everyone in the workplace. Requirements for and duties of an effective Joint Health and Safety Committee will also be examined as well as Worker’s Rights. If you have a job within the province of Ontario, you should take this course.

$ 35.95

Emergency Response

Designed for all employees, this course enables workers and employers to be prepared for emergency situations across the spectrum, from fire drills to bomb threats and medical emergencies.

$ 45.95

Fire Extinguishers

Designed to provide basic fire safety, this course defines the various classifications of fires, extinguishers, when and how to use extinguishers as well as proper storage, maintenance and Fire Safety Code requirements for businesses in Canada. If you are a Health and Safety Committee member, facilities or plant manager or superintendent, this is a course you’ll want to take.

$ 45.95

Handling Workplace Violence & Harassment for Employees: Bill 168

This course provides employees with the foundation necessary to understand and prevent violence and harassment in the workplace.

$ 35.95

Handling Workplace Violence & Harassment for Managers: Bill 168

Practical tools and guidance for handling workplace violence, domestic violence that has trickled into the workplace, reporting and handling employees with past violent behaviour will be provided. If you are an employer or hold a supervisory role in Ontario, this course is for you!

$ 35.95

Heat Stress

This course provides the basics in preventing, assessing and managing heat stress.

$ 45.95

Joint Health and Safety Committee Responsibilities

Focusing on occupational health and safety legislation for all Canadian jurisdictions, this course is designed for Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee members to provide guidance to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as committee members. This course will provide reference for all applicable legislative act, regulation and code of all provinces as well as the rights, duties, responsibilities and liabilities of a committee member. This course will enhance the knowledge for committee members to effectively participate in committee meetings, workplace inspections, recommendations, accident investigations, consultations, trainings, interacting with health and safety officers and handling orders. This course guides the employer in organizing the committee and to obtain the necessary output from committee.

$ 85.95

Office Ergonomics

Intended for workers, managers and Health and Safety Committee members, this course offers the basics in office ergonomics and the associated risk factors.

$ 35.95

Pandemic Awareness

As with most things, education and planning are required for effective pandemic awareness programs, prevention efforts and emergency preparedness. This foundational course is a foundational step in the process.

$ 35.99

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Please note this is a course on the general use and handling of PPE devices. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and training on the proper use and care of specific PPE devices.

$ 35.95

Slips Trips and Falls

Designed with the Health and Safety Representative in mind, this course provides an overview of the factors contributing to slips, trips and falls in the workplace. It provides clear guidance on how to identify trip hazards and what to do should an incident occur.

$ 35.95

Supervisor’s Health and Safety Awareness

The training will provide supervisors with a 5 step model outlining their rights and responsibilities within the workplace. Some of the topics discussed in this training are the supervisor’s role within the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) and the R.A.C.E model which is key to the process of managing hazards within a workplace.

$ 69.95


Designed to educate employees and managers at all levels of business, this course focuses on the processes and procedures contained within the WHMIS guidelines including the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS); employer and employee responsibilities; adverse health implications and provides tools for hazard prevention and control.

$ 35.95

Worker Health & Safety Awareness

This training further informs workers regarding the functions of the Joint Health and Safety Committee as well as the Health and Safety Representative and the benefits taking an active role in an organization’s health and safety. The training will also educate on the roles of the Ministry as well as WSIB and the common workplace hazards.

$ 15.00

Workplace Inspection

Intended for the Health and Safety Representative, this course is designed to enhance inspection, hazard identification as well as reporting and prevention skills, enabling improved workplace inspection processes and procedures.

$ 45.95

Workplace Violence

This foundational course explores the importance of having a workplace violence prevention program in place and is designed for employees and managers at all levels of business. Providing the basic tools necessary to build a customized and well supported program, this course is the first step towards eliminating workplace violence and harassment.

$ 35.95

Young Workers Awareness

Young worker safety awareness is a must for workplaces. The Young Worker Awareness course is designed to raise awareness about the hazards young people may face at work, their legal rights and responsibilities as well as the importance of reporting their health and safety concerns to their supervisors.

$ 35.95