Create a Workplace Violence Policy for Your Business

Creating a workplace violence policy for Ontario businesses is incredibly important. Not only does this policy protect your employees from unwanted violence and harassment, having a policy on workplace violence in Ontario is a legal requirement for businesses.

Peak Performance Human Resources ensures that small business owners without the means to operate a full in-house human resources department can implement a workplace violence policy with employee training efficiently and affordably.

Peak Performance Human Resource’s approach to investigating workplace violence begins with a comprehensive consultation. We then proceed to mediation, which is often all that is necessary to resolve simple disputes. We conduct a full investigation, including interviewing witnesses and/or co-workers, and work towards an appropriate resolution to the situation.

In serious cases, we provide guidance and recommendations regarding on corrective action. This may involve progressive discipline, up to and including termination.

Allow Peak Performance Human Resources help you to develop and implement your workplace violence policy, and provide training to handle investigative and corrective actions.

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