Workplace violence and harassment training provides vital safeguards and helps create a safer, healthier workplace.

Ontario businesses now face new regulations and laws regarding the type of training provided to employees and managers, and greater scrutiny from the government.

New requirements for workplace violence training in Ontario require that a Ministry of Labour safety inspector visit your business and question employees regarding several things, including the type of training they were provided and whether or not your policies regarding workplace violence and sexual harassment are posted prominently for all employees.

Additionally, inspectors will review your records regarding incidents and complaints, as well as your safety records, verifying that the newest version of the Occupational Health and Safety Act is posted in your business. According to the Ministry of Labour, businesses must assess their risk of violence, and prepare policies for handling harassment and violence in the workplace.

Peak Performance HR provides a full-service solution for small businesses in Ontario, including workplace violence and harassment training. We can ensure that you have the right policies and procedures in place, and that your employees are fully trained to comply with new government regulations in this area.

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