Workplace harassment training is vital for compliance with Ontario Bill 168 requirements.

In the wake of recent events, workplace harassment in Ontario is under greater scrutiny than ever before. From violence to sexual harassment to verbal abuse, it’s essential that employees are protected in the workplace. Workplace harassment training is an important part of that, providing information and training to employees on what constitutes workplace violence and harassment, as well as the potential repercussions of these actions.

Ontario Bill 168 training gives managers, and business owners important information about the new focus on workplace violence and harassment, including the various new compliance requirements. Businesses must be prepared for safety inspectors from the Ministry of Labour to question employees about their training, and also to investigate policies and procedures in place that handle workplace violence and harassment.

The Ministry of Labour requires that all businesses assess the risk of violence in the workplace, and prepare policies to handle both harassment and violent acts. They must also develop and implement a protection program, and inform and train employees on all programs and procedures. A response process for complaints and threats must also be in place.

Peak Performance HR helps small businesses develop the procedures, processes and programs necessary to comply with Bill 168, as well as other Canadian laws dealing with workplace violence and harassment.

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