Dealing with Workplace Harassment in Canada

No business owner wants to deal with workplace harassment, but for small business owners, implementing workplace harassment policies and processes is often onerous and costly.

Peak Performance Human Resources can work with you to develop a workplace harassment policy that fits your business’ needs and ensures compliance with government regulations. We also provide training for your employees, to ensure they fully understand the workplace harassment policy and their role in protecting themselves and others. If a harassment claim does occur, you must take action, and Peak Performance Human Resources can assist you with this important process.

Our strategy for handling workplace harassment in Canada begins with a full consultation, followed by mediation, investigation and resolution. Mediation is sometimes enough to settle minor disputes, but if laws have been broken, then the process needs to be more in-depth. Our investigations include a full analysis of the harassment allegations, as well as interviews with witnesses and co-workers. Our resolutions are based on the facts of the case, as well as employment law, and can include corrective action up to and including termination of the offending employee(s).

When it comes to workplace harassment in Canada, you cannot afford to take chances. If you do not have a dedicated HR Manager in-house, then allow Peak Performance Human Resources to reduce your legal liability and protect your employees.

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