Legal Requirements for Workplace Discrimination in Ontario

Workplace discrimination in Ontario is a serious matter. Discrimination can be based on any number of factors, from age to gender to religion, disabilities and more. It is vital that your company be in compliance with legal requirements for workplace discrimination in Canada, and Peak Performance Human Resources is here to help.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) has set forth legal requirements that prohibit workplace discrimination in Canada. This is an important issue for all business owners and their employees, as it impacts their health and safety. The OSHA applies to all businesses and the law states that every business must have:

  • A company policy regarding workplace discrimination in Ontario
  • A training program to educate staff members, executives and other members of the business on workplace discrimination
  • A robust complaint and investigation process or procedure in place to handle workplace discrimination in a safe, legal manner

Peak Performance Human Resources offers comprehensive and affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. We can work with you to develop a company policy on workplace discrimination, and also offer training and educational programs for your employees. We can also support you through the complaint/investigation process to avoid costly litigation and prevent liability.

When it comes to workplace discrimination in Canada, the government has a zero-tolerance policy. Your business must as well. The keys to preventing discrimination are education, training and taking a proactive approach to investigating claims made by employees concerning discrimination. Let Peak Performance Human Resources ensure that your company is in compliance with the law, and that your employees are protected.

Peak Performance Human Resources also offers additional services and solutions to ensure legislative compliance, including dealing with employee relations and conflict resolution in the workplace, Bill 168 policy development and training, WHMIS training in Ontario, and guidance on terminating employees in Ontario, to name a few.

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