WHMIS training protects your employees as well as your business.

When it comes to workplace safety, a significant burden is placed on business owners and supervisors. As an employer, you “have a general duty to educate workers who are exposed or likely to be exposed to a controlled product on the job”, according to the Ontario Ministry of Labour. In short, you must provide WHMIS training.

Not only must you provide this training to your employees, but you must ensure that the education program’s content and delivery method are approved. There is a wide range of information such a program should deliver to employees, although the exact content will hinge on the type of business, the type of controlled substances in use, and whether any of those substances are produced within the business (as opposed to simply being used).

At Peak Performance HR, we can deliver tailored WHMIS classes that meet the needs of your specific business. We ensure that you are able to remain in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and pass inspection by Ministry of Labour inspectors with flying colors. We specialize in helping businesses in Ontario see greater success by delivering outstanding HR solutions that would otherwise be out of reach.

For more information about our WHMIS classes, contact us today by calling 416-822-3471 to speak with a consultant. In addition, we can offer a wide range of additional training programs for and solutions to your pressing needs.