WHMIS safety training ensures more than legal compliance – it keeps your workplace safe.

Today’s workplace is filled with potential threats, many of which are unrecognized. Chemicals and substances used during daily operations can be hazardous, from cleansers to oils and everything in between. WHMIS safety training is designed to provide both employers and employees with the information necessary to foster a safe workplace.

A WHMIS course in Toronto is mandatory for all employees who are exposed or who are likely to be exposed to hazardous material or controlled products while in the workplace. WHMIS is a national program, enforced by the Canadian government. However, it varies from province to province and territory to territory in terms of specific changes and alterations made by local governments.

Peak Performance HR specializes in providing businesses with the highest quality HR solutions available, and that includes WHMIS safety training. In addition to WHMIS training, we’re also proud to deliver a wide range of vital solutions for today’s business owners and employees, including risk assessment and accident claims management, risk management support, safety policy and workplace safety manual solutions, online training programs, and a full suite of consulting services designed to meet your needs.

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