WHMIS online training delivers essential information and education.

WHMIS training is an important part of complying with new Canadian government laws regarding workplace health and safety. All businesses in Ontario must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and that includes training your employees in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). There are two primary choices here – provide classroom-based education for your employees, or use online WHMIS training. While both offer benefits, WHMIS online training may be a better choice.

Small businesses have limited staff, and sending one or more staff members to a physical in-person class for WHMIS training can create very real problems. However, WHMIS online training is different. It can be completed on an employee’s schedule, without negatively affecting the business (not requiring them to miss shift hours, for instance).

Other benefits associated with online training in general include better absorption and retention of the information presented, and faster completion time. The more information your employees retain from the WHMIS training program, the safer your workplace will be. The faster they’re able to complete their training (while still absorbing the information properly), the sooner you can ensure compliance with government regulations.

At Peak Performance HR, we’re dedicated to solving the problems small businesses face in Ontario, including WHMIS and OSHA compliance. We can provide both in-person and online WHMIS training to fit your organization’s needs and number of employees.

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