WHMIS certification in Toronto ensures your business is in compliance with Canadian law.

Creating a safe workplace is essential not only to the health and safety of your workers, but for compliance with Canadian law. WHMIS certification for Toronto area companies is a vital consideration, and not something with which you can take chances.

WHMIS certification in Ontario ensures that you are in compliance with a wide range of acts and regulations, including the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Part X, Hazardous Substances, the Hazardous Products Act (HPA), controlled substances regulations, and the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act.

WHMIS is a national program with the same basic requirements for all parts of Canada. However, territories and provinces may make minor adjustments, including their own requirements so long as they do not alter the main thrust of the government’s regulations. It’s essential that you work with an expert in the WHMIS program to ensure that your business is not only in compliance with federal mandates, but that you also meet provincial or territorial requirements.

Peak Performance HR is a leading provider of WHMIS certification and training throughout Canada, including Ontario. We take pride in ensuring that our clients are able to train and certify employees and managers, while ensuring the utmost safety in the workplace.

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