The Perfect Staffing Agency Alternative.

Peak Performance Human Resources is not a staffing agency. Our business model is completely different from what most small business owners think of when they hear the term “staffing agency”. Unlike traditional Toronto staffing agencies, Peak Performance Human Resources allows small to medium sized businesses to leverage all the benefits of having expert human resources expertise in-house, through affordably packaged, and convenient human resources solutions.

We can recruit in-house or off-site, depending on your specific needs, your available space and other factors. We make our HR staff available when you need them, but you don’t have to worry about extra personnel when you don’t need them. Our affordable hourly rate compensation structure allows small to medium sized businesses to bypass hefty placement commissions, while hiring for all their staffing requirements efficiently, all at one time.

As outsourced HR professionals, clients never have to worry about administrative, training and other costs associated with full-time human resources staff (such as benefits and payroll costs).

Our goal is to build a relationship with each customer and provide unique, one-on-one service for small businesses throughout Ontario.

We invite you to call Peak Performance Human Resources at 416.822.3471 for a no-obligation consultation or click on the button below!