Terminating Employees in Ontario – Businesses Require Help to Avoid Liability

Terminating employees in Ontario is not as simple as most business owners believe. There are numerous legalities that must be observed, and if not, you could be setting yourself up for liability and litigation. There are many factors that affect employee termination in Ontario, and an expert HR Manager can help you understand them. However, for small businesses that do not employ a full-time HR Manager, this can be more challenging. It is for this purpose that Peak Performance Human Resources has been designed. We can offer professional guidance and coaching to help you navigate through all aspects of employment law.

At Peak Performance Human Resources, our professional HR Consultants are qualified to help educate you understand the Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) and advise you on structuring severance packages to avoid litigation.

We will ensure that your business considers the factors that impact the length of notice period and severance entitlement for terminating employees, as well as how to conduct a termination meeting to avoid liability (knowing what to say and what not to say in this meeting is very important).

We provide step-by-step guidance through the termination process. The HR Consultants at Peak Performance Human Resources can also coach you and your managers on how to effectively communicate terminations to the rest of the employees at your organization. Through our partner alliance, we can provide outplacement services to terminated employees to help them transition and assist them with their new job search.

From outplacement services to severance package structuring, understanding the Employment Standards Act and more, Peak Performance Human Resources is your source for dedicated, flexible, affordable human resources solutions. Contact us today to understand how we can help your company today and in the future.

Peak Performance Human Resources also offers additional services and solutions, including policy development such as Bill 168 and workplace violence policy in Ontario, assisting to resolve workplace conflict, employment law compliance, leadership development, training and more.

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