Help in Resolving Workplace Conflict

A business cannot function efficiently if there is conflict and discord within the organization. Whether that conflict is between employees, managers, executives or other parties, it is vitally important to resolve conflict to ensure a harmonious, productive and profitable work environment. Peak Performance Human Resources can help with resolving workplace conflict, ensuring your business is back on the path to productivity as soon as possible.

To ensure conflict resolution in the workplace, we provide a unique resolution process that includes the following steps:

  • Consultation – First, we consult on the situation to determine exactly what’s going on, where the conflict stems from and determine our path forward.
  • Mediation – Mediation with the parties involved with the conflict is important in all situations. Often, mediation is all that is necessary for resolving workplace conflict, particularly when you’re working with the skilled mediators at Peak Performance Human Resources.
  • Investigation – A full investigation is completed. Through face-to-face discussions with the affected employees, as well as through interviews with other parties and witnesses.
  • Resolution – Conflict resolution in the workplace ensures that your employees are working in a safe, unthreatening environment, and and that they are engaged in productive and lucrative business activity.

Once we’ve completed our resolution process, we will help to recommend corrective action, as required. This corrective action may involve progressive discipline up to and including termination of the employee(s).

Peak Performance Human Resources can provide small and medium sized business owners with expert HR solutions that are usually only accessible to large companies, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house HR Manager. Find out how our consultants can help resolve conflict in the workplace and keep your company operating smoothly and successfully, while building a better relationship with your employees.

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