Outplacement Support and the Need for a Consultant

One of the most common results of restructuring is the layoff of valued employees – and outplacement support for those employees is more than just a “nice thing to do”. It demonstrates a company’s commitment to its’ employees, and helps to minimize the impact of job loss.

Outplacement counseling offers a wide range of services and solutions to employees affected by downsizing or business restructuring. These solutions can include career guidance and coaching, as well as resume writing, interview preparation, network development, job search skills and resources, as well as techniques for targeting the job market.

For employees displaced by business restructuring, layoffs can be frightening, confusing and frustrating. This is particularly true with valued employees who have held their position with a company for a long period. Outplacement offers an opportunity to mitigate the impact of layoffs.

Peak Performance Human Resources, along with our partnership alliance, offers top tier outplacement support that will demonstrate your company’s commitment to your employees, as well as provide actionable, professional assistance to expedite their job search process.

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