Ensure Your Business Is Compliant with the Ontario Health and Safety Act

The Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA) is important to understand for all businesses, regardless of size, scope or industry. Of course, that’s a significant challenge for small businesses that lack a full-time HR Manager. Peak Performance Human Resources can help your organization to establish the training, policies, programs, committees and other solutions necessary to comply with Ontario law.

For small business owners, it may be overwhelming to comply with the Ontario Health and Safety Act.

We can offer help in establishing joint health and safety committees, as well as assist you to understand your duties and responsibilities in regards to health and safety compliance.

Small businesses must be in compliance with the Ontario Health and Safety Act, but business owners often lack the time, knowledge and expertise to do this on their own. In addition, small businesses rarely have the budget to hire a full-time Human Resources Manager, which makes compliance even more difficult.

Peak Performance Human Resources is dedicated to providing HR solutions for any business need in Ontario. Whether your company has only a few employees or many, we provide the ongoing support, training, policy development and other solutions you need for compliance.

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