Choosing online HR courses in Toronto helps to save your business time and money.

It’s essential that your business comply with new government regulations regarding employee training. From WHMIS training to workplace violence and harassment education, business owners are now required to provide a wide range of education programs to employees. That can be difficult to achieve even for large firms – small businesses face even greater challenges. Online HR courses ensure that you’re able to deliver the training your employees need, while saving both time and money.

In a typical classroom-based training situation, your employees must take time from their day (generally, their shift itself) and complete their studies. This might take place at your business, or it could be held off site. Either way, it’s time consuming. It can also be costly. In-person courses have high price tags due to the need to pay an instructor, course materials, and more.

Online HR courses in Toronto provide the same level of education and training, while costing you less in time and money. Employees are able to complete online HR courses in Ontario when it’s convenient and fits with their schedules and that of the business. These courses are also less costly, as there’s no instructor, and materials only need to be created once, and can then be reused an infinite number of times.

When it comes to online HR training, Peak Performance HR delivers outstanding education programs designed to comply with both Canadian law, as well as Ontario’s specific additions. We can deliver online training to as many staff members as you have, and we do so in a way that’s tailored to fit with your business’ schedule.

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