Occupational health and safety training in Ontario is required by law, and helps create a safer, healthier workplace.

Workplace safety and employee health are of paramount concern to businesses of all sizes. The Canadian government mandates that all companies have an approved occupational health and safety program, and that their employees are fully trained. This can be difficult for even established businesses, but it can be an insurmountable hurdle for smaller companies.

At Peak Performance HR, we deliver occupational health and safety training for Ontario companies that ensures you’re able to focus on growing your business, while guaranteeing that you are also in compliance with federal law. It goes much deeper than ensuring legal compliance, though. We help our clients ensure that training fits with their specific language and branding, company culture, and more.

Peak Performance HR provides a wide range of solutions for Ontario occupational health and safety training, from initial workforce training to ongoing new hire training and documentation. We assist at all levels of getting your program up and running, from initial consultations to program creation and implementation to ongoing training classes.

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