A MSDS provides vital information for employees, managers and others in the workplace.

Many businesses deal with hazardous substances on a regular basis, ranging from harsh cleansers to chemicals specific to individual industries. In an effort to ensure that workers and managers have access to all the information necessary for safety, the Canadian government mandates that material safety data sheets (MSDS) are posted or accessible in a known location within your business.

A MSDS provides essential information about the substance in question. It includes a list of all hazardous ingredients within the substance, as well as the potential hazards posed by those substances and how to handle the material safely. It should also include vital first aid measures to be taken should someone be exposed to the material without proper protection.

When it comes to material safety data sheets (MSDS), Ontario area businesses must follow the letter of the law. These sheets should be accessible to and understood by all employees who may have cause to use hazardous material or could come into contact with it. These sheets can be posted in a public place, such as a bulletin board, or kept in collated form (in an MSDS binder, for instance).

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