Human resources courses in Ontario benefit businesses in countless ways.

A strong human resources department is an essential component of a successful business. However, small businesses often suffer from a lack of trained HR personnel. In order to comply with governmental and industry regulations, it’s still necessary to handle these needs. Human resources courses in Ontario provide your business with the ability to educate and train your staff without hiring in-house HR personnel.

In terms of human resources courses, Ontario business owners have a wide range of available choices. For instance, WHMIS training is a vital consideration for ensuring that your staff understands how to use the national Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. MSDS training teaches employees how to understand material safety data sheets. Workplace health and safety training ensures that you’re in compliance with new Canadian laws governing violence and harassment.

The problem is finding a qualified provider of human resources courses. Not all such providers are the right fit – you’ll need to find the right price, and ensure that the company is capable of meeting your needs in terms of the unique challenges you face, your objectives and needs.

At Peak Performance HR, we offer human resources courses to ensure that small businesses throughout Ontario are able to build a strong, stable base on which to grow. We offer courses ranging from workplace violence and harassment to WHMIS training and everything in between. Additionally, we can provide recruitment and talent acquisition, performance management, policy development, employee engagement, talent retention and outplacement services if necessary.

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