Turn to the Trusted HR Consultants at Peak Performance Human Resources

Small businesses struggle to fill their HR needs. With a limited budget, most companies can’t afford to hire a full-time staff, but legal requirements, and employee challenges make it essential to have professional HR expertise. Peak Performance Human Resources has built a team of highly-experienced HR Consultants in Canada, who can provide your business with a broad range of employee-centered solutions.

Our Human Resource policy design and planning for small businesses includes the following:

  • Recruitment: Sourcing and Selection – Talent Acquisition
    Hiring is one of the most important considerations for any business, and we will help you to identify qualified talent and bring onboard the best.
  • Employee Relations and Workplace Conflict Management
    We can handle your employee relations issues, and help you to resolve any workplace conflict situations that may arise.
  • Performance Management and Performance Appraisals
    We can help you to navigate through performance management processes and coach your managers and employees on how to complete performance appraisals and development plans.
  • Legislative Compliance
    Not complying with legislative requirements and regulations creates liability and puts your business in danger, but we can help.
  • Talent Leadership Development and Training
    We can help you to inspire and develop your talent and coach your employees on the most effective ways to move up within your organization, ultimately fostering increased commitment and long term success…
  • Restructuring and Change Management
    Change is never easy, but Peak Performance Human Resources can help with any restructuring and change management needs.
  • Compensation Strategy and Design
    Compensation and benefits packages can be immensely complex, and require the help of an expert HR Consultant.
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Succession Planning
    How effective is your business’ organizational structure? Are you prepared for succession? Have you considered the cost and repercussions of lost intellectual property when your employees resign? What happens when you decide it’s time to hand the reins of leadership to someone else?
  • Employee Terminations and Outplacement Services
    Our Consultants can assist you in tackling difficult termination decisions, assist with the termination process and documentation, support you through challenging termination meetings and ensure that you cover all your bases for a legally compliant severance. We also offer outplacement services to valued employees who are impacted by corporate restructuring and/or other business decisions.

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