Fire safety training for Toronto area businesses bolsters safety and protection.

All businesses in Ontario are required to have a fire safety plan in place to deal with emergency situations. However, it goes deeper than just having a program on the books. You must ensure that your employees are well versed in the plan itself, as well as in following your pre-designed escape routes. Additionally, your business must have designated fire wardens, must conduct fire drills, and should have a safety plan in place to minimize the risk of fire in the first place.

As a business owner, you are responsible for developing and implementing an approved fire safety plan, as well as for ensuring that the plan is located in an approved lockbox in an appropriate location in your building. You’re also responsible for designating supervisory staff and providing any necessary equipment, as well as for conducting drills that adhere to the city’s fire code.

At Peak Performance HR, we understand that you’re not an expert in Toronto’s fire code, but we are experts. We also understand that you have a significant number of responsibilities outside fire prevention and emergency preparedness. To help ensure that you enjoy the protection necessary and comply with legal requirements, we offer industry-leading fire safety training for businesses throughout the GTA.

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