Is Your Company Compliant with Bill 168 on Workplace Violence?

Keeping up with Ontario legislation is important for all business owners, but owners of smaller companies in Toronto often struggle to remain compliant, for good reason. Small businesses lack the time, the expertise and the legal understanding to implement the required changes within their organizations. Peak Performance Human Resources can support and advise you on all compliance issues, including Bill 168.

Bill 168 in Ontario is a legal compliance issue – something that you must implement in order to stay on the right side of the law. It is an important issue in the arena of employee health and safety, and is designed to ensure that you’re providing your employees a workplace free from bullying, harassment and violence. Ontario Bill 168 has several key requirements that business owners must meet. These include:

  • Your company must have a company wide policy on workplace violence and harassment.
  • You must post the policy in key locations throughout your physical establishment to ensure that all employees are aware that you are in compliance with Bill 168 on workplace violence.
  • You must provide training to all employees on the strategies and policies you have implemented to prevent bullying, harassment and violence in the workplace.

In order to prevent liability and unnecessary costly litigation, your company must be in compliance with Ontario Bill 168. If that sounds like a real challenge (and most small businesses in Ontario will find that it is), Peak Performance Human Resources can help. We can provide you with assistance in developing company-wide policies and also provide your employees the training they need to ensure compliance with the law.

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